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Simplify your HR & Payroll experience with Payspace

Payroll software with features and tools purposefully built with your business in mind, no matter its size.


Why Payspace is ideal for growing your business

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Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with this simplified solution

Don’t just work from home, work anytime and from anywhere, with multi-device access.

Enjoy more convenient tax year-ends

PaySpace provides an electronic file that can be imported directly into e@syFile, saving an employer all the effort of having to manually reconcile and submit their employee’s earnings to SARS.

Stay tax compliant, no matter the country

Over 40 countries’ legislation is embedded in PaySpace. All legislative updates are applied instantaneously, all you need to do to see newly calculated values is simply log on to your account.

Keeping you online and in control

With no downtime required, calculations take place automatically and in real time. All users have anytime access to relevant, up-to-date reports. This 100% cloud-based software means your data is always safe, and manual backups are a thing of the past!

An Overview of Payspace

An out of the box, cloud-based payroll and human capital management software.
Leave legacy payroll procedures in the past with an intuitive and modern software solution.
Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with simplified data capturing. Embedded legislation ensures continuous compliance and accurate payroll, with no action required from you.
Don’t just work from home, work anytime and from anywhere, with multi-device access.

Take Control of Your HR & Payroll with Payspace

No Matter the size of your business Payspace has got you covered

Start Ups (1-25 Employees)

Automated Tax Compliance to ensure your business is primed for growth

The Medium Enterprise (26-125 Employees)

Go paperless with employee self service

Fortune 500 (126-2500+ Employees)

Reduce errors by 25% in every pay run.

What to expect from Payspace

Out of the box setup

All component types (earnings, deductions, fringe benefits, etc.) are linked to tax codes. No need to define how wage types must work and whether they should be taxed or not. Pre-defined, automated components for bonus tax spread and automated pay out of bonuses.

No limits

Get comfortable knowing you have unilimited freedom of being able to work the way you want to. There are no limits on  Pay runs, users, earning, deduction and company contribution components, leave transactions, PM evaluations.

Continuous calculations

You don’t need an official pay run to calculate figures. No more downtime to backup the system before doing a payroll run to calculate tax and pay, pull reports, spot the errors, repeat.

Real-time calculations – capture input and immediately see the final payslip. Results are already available at the beginning of the month. You only focus on the changes – input is spread throughout the month instead of last week.

Legislation updates

Tax tables and other legislative calculations are maintained by PaySpace for all supported countries. Legislative reporting in the required formats for all supported countries.

Unrestricted Access

Access the information you want, when you need it most.

All historical information is always available: payslips, pay rates, leave, reports - everything.

Workflow & online approval

Streamlined approval process, minimizing the need for paper use and email threads.

Limitless and configurable workflow steps cater for online approval of all transactions in real-time while housing document attachments too.

3rd-party system integration

Connect directly to your workflow systems without a need for manual integration via Excel, txt, or delimited files.

API Webservices and webhooks are available to integrate with any 3rd party system. Fully integrated with Xero, Quickbooks accounting, and Workday HCM.

Module integration

No syncing of HR and payroll data/records required. No separate run required to calculate leave balances and provisions.

There is one employee record for all modules – leave balance effects provision in real-time. The ability for payroll components to trigger leave adjustments and vice versa.


Eliminate the need for manual excel spreadsheets or sending of files.

Automated gross-up functionality with currency conversions. We cater for your local legislation, wherever you are - like automatically submitting UIF Declaration files to the Department of Labour in South Africa.


Data is clean from the start – no year-end data cleanup.

Automatic ID number validations (citizenship, gender, and birth date). Bank validation (branch code vs. account number).


One by one or in bulk via the method that suits you best.

Excel or on-screen bulk uploads for any recurring and/or once-off components.


Get a bird’s eye view of how the output was computed.

View the exact method the figures were calculated. Full tax breakdown per payslip.

Detailed Reports

Analytics for dashboards and trend analysis.

​Over 40 standard payroll reports, 37 HR, each country's exact legislative formats are available and with multiple parameter options.

Superior Configuration

No more reliance on vendor developers to maintain custom requirements.

Forget about reactively and manually identifying output errors on reports. We update and maintain various medical and union tables so you don’t have to.

Employee self-service

Employee and manager self-service functionality allows users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. No more paper payslips or leave applications with manual processing. All transactions are done online with workflow approval.

What our clients say about us

N. Cilliers

“Thank you to the Team at Business Cloud Solutions! They are always adding value to our business, by finding and recommending cost-effective solutions that best fit our business needs as we grow. The team is helpful, friendly, fast, and very efficient, and it is a pleasure to work with them.”

General Manager - SuperSafe Systems

“Outsourcing our Payroll to Business Cloud Solutions has been the best decision I have ever made. It has freed up so much of my time, allowing me to focus on my other job functions. Our payroll is managed by experts, and the best part is that it all gets done without me being required to do anything.”

J. Coetzer

Financial Manager - Mozamite (KFC)

“Acumatica has allowed our business to streamline its processes electronically so that we can be more efficient across our Africa network. This, hand-in-hand with BCS’s professionalism and willingness to help at every turn, has allowed us to achieve our goals. The team has been exceptional in attending to all our queries, in a highly respectable manner.”


Established in 2000, PaySpace is the leaders in true cloud-based Payroll and Human Capital Management software solutions providing new, improved solutions to help businesses operate in the modern era where managers and employees have access to information at the touch of a button.

In a traditional pay run cycle, all users are required to log out to allow for manual backups before calculations can be executed. This often results in a repetitive backup and restore process to eliminate input errors and make sure that payroll figures are correct. With PaySpace, this is no longer necessary.

PaySpace requires no downtime. Calculations take place automatically and in real-time, which allows for input to be captured as it becomes available throughout the pay run cycle, instead of rushing to capture finalised values in preparation for pay run close-off.

Over 40 countries’ legislation is embedded in PaySpace. All legislative updates are applied instantaneously and by our dedicated Compliance Team, so all you need to do to see newly calculated values, is simply log on to your PaySpace account.

Because we take the privacy of all personal data extremely seriously, we have put a range of controls in place that ensure we are in compliance with the POPI act.

If employees are registered for Employee Self Service (ESS), you can activate an e-mail notification informing the employee that their PDF Payslip is available. The e-mail notification will provide a link to access ESS. This functionality is activated on the Basic Company Information Screen.

PaySpace Integration Partners are a network of 3rd party technology software companies that design, build, and deploy solution extensions to assist our customers to enhance their PaySpace capabilities. Some of these partners include:
  • Acumatica
  • Workday
  • Signify
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Netcash
  • ERS Biometrics

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